Gluten Free Thanksgiving: Big Bird Gets it

Turkey. It’s my drug of choice. I love a bit of the bird, especially on Thanksgiving. Several years ago, I discovered I had a severe intolerance to wheat gluten. No more Wheat, Barley, Rye or Oats (contaminated) for me. As I did my research on the Gluten Free (GF) diet, I was shocked to see all the places gluten is added to foods. Places like my darling Thanksgiving Day Turkey! Most of the bird companies inject a solution into the meat and under the skin. It contains wheat and some other weird ingredients they pass off as “Basting” solution. A “no no” for folks on a GF diet. Unfortunately, most of the raw meat and deli meat in the grocery store also comes from animals who have been fed mutant diets and hormones.  Those hormones, etc can put a “Glutard” in the Emergency Room. Been There.

Does that mean if you’ve just been diagnosed or know someone who has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance there will be no turkey this year?  I’ve got some great news! Organic food stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts (a much cheaper alternative) have organic birds with no added hormones or mutant diets.  King Soopers has a wide variety of GF foods as well. This includes GF turkeys with no basting in them. No matter where you purchase your bird, always ask the butcher to verify that the bird is Gluten Free. They don’t mind. Ten plus years living with this disease and I still ask.

I have to admit the mutant basting solution does make the bird moist. Some birds without the basting solution can get a little dry, but there is a fix for this too. I use an oven bag. It really makes the bird moist and gives you a tidy package of juice to make gravy.  I layer the bottom of the bag with sliced onions, red delicious apples, garlic and rosemary. My bird is stuffed with these and other herbs from my garden. The result is a GF flavorful turkey with no additives. All natural.

Next Thursday’s Blog: What Do You Mean I Can’t Have Stuffing?


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Thanksgiving: Big Bird Gets it

  1. Lactose is another one of those hidden elements in a lot of things. My friend is lactose intolerant and discovered that the white filling in the gel caps of meds is lactose. Tons of it. One would hope that we can go back to a day where we don’t add fillers. I’m not a food nut. I love good food and I think we still produce good food. But it’s scary what goes into even non-processed objects like multivitamins to make up bulk. Buyer beware I guess. But some things, like meds, you just have to swallow.

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