B&B Featured Author – Sherri Fulmer Moorer

Splinter Cover

The year is 3001, and history takes a critical turn when Earth is destroyed by a solar flare. As Dr. Leigh Lybrand and her colleagues explore ways to survive in orbit of Jupiter, dark matter rips open the fabric of space and time, allowing them to see parallel universes. When the visions reveal that a radical religious group planned Earth’s destruction, Leigh must make a choice: Accept her fate or use what she’s learned to save humanity; even if it means betraying the one closest to her in a parallel universe and sacrificing herself in this one.

 Purchase Information:

Whiskey Creek Press at http://bit.ly/HY6zhX

Amazon at http://amzn.to/Ia9aVv

Amazon.co.uk at http://amzn.to/17eloWJ

Amazon Author Page –  https://www.amazon.com/author/sherrimoorer

Author Bio:

By day, I’m a program assistant working in professional licensing. By night, I’m an independent author with eight published books (four through publishers and four self published). I enjoy writing mystery, sci-fi, and occasionally delved into short stories and flash fiction. You can find more on me and my writing at http://www.sherrithewriter.com/


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