Books and Banter Featured Author – Karen Wiesner

Return to cowboy country in Fever, Texas, where the heat isn’t the only thing causing a fever! See if you can find the heirloom wedding band!


Easy to love, hard to hold…

Maggie May’s pa is still looking for the cowboy who knocked up his cowgirl vixen daughter five years ago. Little Tex has grown up without a father, but he’s the shining star of the May Ranch. Like his father, though, he’s always running off and disappearing. Just when Maggie May thinks it’ll never happen, the drifter she loves shows up, suddenly wise to the fact that his oh-so-altruistic efforts to quiet her endless stream of conversation had ended with a child. Horse trainer for hire and former rodeo bullfighter, Ryder McCall returns to Fever, Texas. This time, Maggie May plans to get him back in her clutches—and win his heart forever.


“Readers familiar with Karen Wiesner’s world will love this version of the “secret baby” story. Fever, Texas, is a wonderful place, and the townspeople and ranchers who populate Ms. Wiesner’s Cowboy Fever Series are so real, even the most detached reader will find herself desperately turning the pages to see how the folks of Fever confront and solve very modern problems while still staying true to their old time western values, values like chastity, loyalty and honor. I admit to being a fan of all the books in the Cowboy Fever Series—the books are chock full of sexy cowboys; what’s not to love?—but DRIFTER’S HEART is special. The reason: a four year old, whirling dervish named Tex. Maggie and Ryder’s love story is passionate and heartwarming. A reader can’t help but worry as they struggle to overcome the mistakes of their past and cheer as they strive to rise above them to build a life together for themselves and their son. The stronger, deeper and even more moving love in DRIFTER’S HEART, though, is Maggie’s love for Tex. Ms. Wiesner draws an exquisite portrait of a child with ADHD and the heartbreaking decisions Maggie faces mirror those of all parents who discover the child they love literally can’t sit still. Please don’t miss DRIFTER’S HEART. Buy the book for the wonderful romance between Maggie May and her sexy cowboy. Keep it for Tex.” ~Award-winning author Carrie S. Masek

4 Stars! “Karen Wiesner does a spectacular job of providing tons of backstory for DRIFTER’S HEART without revealing it all upfront. We learn tiny morsels about their history as their relationship changes and their story progresses. When a chance offer finds Ryder back in Fever, Maggie must decide if he will remain firmly in her past or if there is room for him in her and Tex’s life. Karen Wiesner has done it again, providing another exceptional piece of storytelling in my new favorite small town of Fever, Texas. Fever is filled with sexy cowboys, small town goodwill, and protective men—does it get any better than that? DRIFTER’S HEART allows us the privilege of watching Maggie become a strong woman unwilling to settle for less than she deserves and dreams of, while Ryder struggles against his impulse to live his life for others. It is a joy to go along for the bumpy ride through this ranching town and meet the colorful characters found within. Young Tex, the result of Maggie and Ryder’s night of passion, is adorable, precocious and struggling with his own problems, while Mac and Amanda (from Book 1) eagerly await the arrival of twins. Nothing is missing from DRIFTER’S HEART; it is packed full of emotions, drama, horses, meddling family members, and reliable friends. The only thing missing is a cowboy for me!” Natasha Jackson for Readers’ Favorite

4 Stars! “This sixth book in the Cowboy Fever Series will definitely satisfy readers’ expectations. Wiesner successfully blends current and relevant real-life issues with hot romance in this very pleasant story about two lovers who manage to find their way back to one another. Fans of the series will continue to enjoy the light and comforting down-home country tone and setting of Fever, Texas.” ~RT Book Reviews

Purchase Information

DRIFTER’S HEART, Book 6, A Cowboy Fever Series Novel

by Karen Wiesner

Contemporary Romance

978-1-300-79477-6 (trade paperback) from Lulu

978-1-61160-285-2 (electronic) from Whiskey Creek Press; sign up for my newsletter for a chance to win monthly book giveaways!

Creating realistic, unforgettable characters one story at a time…

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