Books and Banter is Blogward Bound!

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Being a writer is hard, lonely work. You sweat blood to get your book baby on its feet and ready for publication. Then the big day comes. Now you’re expected to market the thing. You take out ads, do book signings and giveaways. After you’ve knocked on all the virtual doors you can, you retreat to your room and silently pray the damn thing sells.

After going through marketing hell for my first book, I decided to find a way to help others like me who didn’t have the massive marketing department of the “Big Six” behind me. My promotional newsletter, Books & Banter, first came out in Spring 2012. It remains a free resource for authors to promote their new releases. They give me their book information and I send it out to my social media network.

The first edition back in 2012 started out with two wonderful author friends who were nice enough to volunteer. My Winter Edition 2014 contains features on fifteen authors. The popular Halloween Editions have even more! In this last edition, I decided to have a “B&B Featured Author Day” on my blog. This turned out so well (many hits on my blog and I hope many more sales for the authors) I’ve decided to carry it one step further. I’m going to make B&B Featured Author Day a permanent part of my blog and retire the PDF version.

Final Thoughts: To keep the promotions unique, I’m going to stay with the seasonal feel of Books & Banter. New Releases will be featured on the blog either in the month or season they are first published. This seems to work out really well for the authors.

Spring Featured Authors Deadline for Submission: April 15th. Sorry for the short timeline during this transition period.

For more information on this promotional opportunity, please see my website:


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