Adventures in Indie Publishing


The Decision

“Never Get Too Comfortable” is a phrase I lived by coming up in the ranks of fresh faced Project Managers.  You miss valuable opportunities and life experiences which could help you in the future. I’ve tried to stick with that motto in my writing career as well. By challenging my skills and perceptions of who I think I am as a writer, I’ve grown as a professional.

I started off on this writing journey as an “Epic Fantasy” gal. Opportunities (some might call them setbacks) have helped me to expand my career. I’ve written Horror, Romance and Dark Fantasy with a touch of Thriller. There has always been a lingering doubt I’ve had stuck in my head for years. “I only write novel length stories. I CAN’T write short stories!” Well, I decided to challenge this assumption and I wrote a short horror story called “Lost Man’s Parish.”

The first magazine politely declined. As I was preparing to send the story onto the next one, a thought struck me. I’m already taking a risk by writing outside my comfort zone. Why am I going through someone else’s process when I could give Indie Publishing a try? The old stigma of the “Vanity Press” is slowly fading. Indie Publishing is about controlling your own fate and art form. I’m not naive. I understand by choosing this route, everything is on me: editing, book formatting, cover design, selecting a distributor, marketing. No Risk. No Reward.

  • Where to start – The first step was to make sure my manuscript was properly edited and professional.  There is stiff competition out there vying for reader attention. And there is some not so good stuff as well. I want to stand out. Delivering a quality product will help me be noticed and build upon my reputation.
  • Choose Wisely Young Padawan – The eBook Industry offers vast market potential. I’ll need someone savvy to distribute my work for me. I chose to stick with either Amazon or Smashwords for distribution. I already have a relationship with both of them. After taking a look at their services and existing short story formats, I decided to go with Smashwords. They seem a little more “Horror friendly” in their library. They also have helpful resources for the first-timer. A huge plus!

Update: Roughly a week after I made my decision to Indie Publish, a life event underscored for me how important it is to not get too comfortable. Writing is a business and sometimes things change. This can be good or bad or both. The smart business person plans ahead and looks for many opportunities.

Next Week on DT&J: Pulling the Trigger on my Indie project.

Sneak Peek at Lost Man’s Parish!


Now Available on Smashwords for multiple E-Readers


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