My Writing Process Blog Hop

I immediately Googled The Writing Process Blog Hop when Pamela Nowak was kind enough to send me the invitation to join in the fun. Writers from many genres and countries are participating in this internet sensation. Pam was on board for an August post. I readily agreed to keep it going. Now it’s my turn. So here we go!

What am I working on?

I’m working on the first book in my new dark epic fantasy series.  Every writer has a favorite character and story they’ve created. This series is very close to my heart and I’m tickled to finally have the opportunity to start work on it again.

Also – I’ve just released my new urban fantasy/romance, Pariah, for pre-order. It will be available for purchase on September 15th.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Urban or Dark Fantasy is a forgiving genre. It gives the writer enough elbow room to incorporate a little Mystery here, some Suspense over there and a dash of Romance in the sauce. I love mixing genres in my books.  Each time I try to write a traditional mystery or horror, the wild ideas push total reality off the page. Example for my short fiction Lost Man’s Parish: I know this kid is an innocent bystander, but what if the bad guy hates him for having the ability to make living things grow in impossible places?  Bottom Line: I write the “What If” scenarios.

Why do I write what I do?

I’m driven to encourage and inspire those who typically need a little shove toward the exit when the Divine closes that metaphorical door. There are many ways to encourage and inspire. My favorite? Telling a story with a flawed hero/heroine up against impossible odds. No matter how tough things get for them, they keep on going.

How does my writing process work?

In the initial draft of a story, I just start typing and don’t stop until I have the glimmer of an ending. My crappy, throw away draft usually hits from 11K to 20K words. Then the loosey goosey behavior ends. I turn into Uber-Plotter!  Can’t help it. Hey, it’s who I am. My plots are fairly complex. The best way to keep track of all the wiggly worms is to plot extensively. Does this mean I strictly adhere to the outlines and never stray? No. Sometimes a story has to change as characters and their motivations form. I keep my outline dynamic, but I do keep it on a leash.

Who’s Up Next?


Jayne Hyatt

Jayne Hyatt lives in Denver, Colorado, and is a lifelong bookworm who especially enjoys reading and writing romantic suspense.  One reviewer recently described her debut novel, Looking for the Good Life, as “a story of friendship, family (the good and bad) mystery, adventure, love and romance all rolled up tight into a wonderful vacation for its readers.” She is currently working on a sequel. You’ll find Jayne’s blog at

Yvonne Montgomery

Yvonne Montgomery is the Colorado author of two Finny Aletter mysteries and co-author of the

award-winning saga Bridey’s Mountain. Creaking stairs and quirky shadows filling her century-old Victorian house in Denver’s historic Capitol Hill have inspired her Wisdom Court trilogy about a renowned women’s institute in Boulder where strange things are overtaking its inhabitants. Book One, Edge of the Shadow and Book Two, A Signal Shown are now available on line. Yvonne is currently writing Book Three, All In Bad Time when she is not looking over her shoulder to find the
source of the odd noises coming from the attic. Yvonne’s blog, Writer in the Garret, is here:


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