The Vegas Connection

Bellagio Vegas Christmas 2011 003

It’s release week! Time for some fun. In honor of my new book baby’s arrival, I’m going to share some fun facts about its creation. All of my story ideas come to me in my dreams. Most of the time, I see a vivid scene that becomes the focal point of my books. Pariah’s inception started with a woman (Gracie) who – through a case of mistaken identity – ended up witnessing a slave auction by human traffickers. She sees a man who is struggling to break free (Jin) from their captors and tries to search him out, hoping he can help her escape.

After I had the set up, I asked myself where two such different people could meet in a bizarre situation like a secret club. My answer? VEGAS BABY! Glitz, glamour and gambling. It was the perfect place with the perfect reputation for naughty behavior. I hopped on a plane and spent a few days in December on the Vegas Strip. If you haven’t experienced Vegas around Christmas time and love to people watch, I highly recommend it.

Bellagio Vegas Christmas 2011 004[Christmas Time at the Bellagio]

The story really started to come together when I attended KillerCon at the Stratosphere a few years ago. Las Vegas writer and friend, C.R. Moss (they call us CR Squared) took me around the real Las Vegas where the inhabitants of the city reside and spend their time Off Strip. A true kindred spirit, she was game to show me good places to hide a body and areas of the city where secret clubs might be found. 😉

I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I had researching and writing it!


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