Why I have an I Love Me Wall and so should you


If you’ve ever worked in a cubical jungle, you’ve probably heard the term “I Love Me Wall.” We’ve all had those over achieving co-workers who seem to consistently win employee awards. They proudly display them on the walls of their cubicle. Sometimes they pack their books in boxes and replace them on their book shelves with awards. There are those folks who really don’t deserve the awards they receive, but I digress.

Other employees win just as many awards. Rather than displaying their hard earned achievements, they stick them in a drawer and titter at the various “I Love Me Walls” in the office. I don’t know why we (yep. I was a drawer kind of gal.) don’t crow along with the others about our achievements. Is it modesty? Could it be we feel as though we really don’t deserve the kudos? I can’t speak for everyone, but I am an Introvert. I don’t like to be the center of attention.  Even in my role as Program Manager, I don’t like to be the shining light at center stage. I just want to come in, do what I do and leave. In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you back then I didn’t feel I earned those awards. Just doin’ my job, Ma’am.

My attitude began to change when I published my first book. It was hard work! I’d dreamed about being published my entire life. My book deserved a special place on the book shelf in my home office. I put it in a prominent place and look at it when I’m struggling with a new story. Not going to lie to you, I also look at “My Shelf” when I have bad days on the Program Management gig too.

I had a huge mental shift recently when I released my first Indie Pub book. Talk about high risk/ high stress. It was a turning point in my career. My attitude about my achievements shifted again. What I’d done took talent and a lot of brass balls. The day I released Lost Man’s Parish was the day I truly respected myself as a professional writer. It stopped being an unattainable dream and became my long term professional goal. That was the day I put up an “I Love Me Wall” in my family room.

Sound crazy?! Think about it. If you aren’t your loudest cheerleader, then who will cheer for you? Be proud of publishing that book, earning that masters degree, getting that dream job, [fill in the blank]! Display the sheet music you’ve written or the certificate you earned from technical college. Each day is a battle as we fight self-doubt. Your past achievements are reminders that you can make your dreams come true, because you’ve done it before.

Crow on! I sure plan to crow, because getting that box of brand new shiny books never gets old.


Pariah_092014 002



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