I Ran Away From Home. Again.

I have an October tradition that began about seven years ago. I’d been through my first Cancer scare and decided I needed to get away to think about what the hell I was doing with my life. I jumped online and bought tickets to Maui (a place I’d never been before). Not knowing any better or caring where I ended up, I picked a hotel at random. The flight was a nightmare. It was dark outside when we landed and bloody hot. My suitcase had been hastily packed with all the wrong clothes. It was the perfect recipe for the “vacation from hell.” Yet, I knew I’d made the right choice the moment I stepped outside and smelled the bougainvilleas.

My impromptu trip to the Islands remains one of the defining moments of my life. I bought all new resort clothes, not giving a damn how much I spent. So many awesome and cool things happened to me on that trip. The resort hotel turned out to be hosting contestants from “The Biggest Loser.” Since it was the off season, I had the huge swimming pool and beach to myself. I was also invited to watch a red dwarf in an endless starry sky in the middle of a peaceful ocean. And a very kind group of folks escorted me around the rain forest. I flew back from Maui with a new understanding about life and the roll I played in it. That trip helped me to minimize the importance of my day job drudgery. It got me off my arse to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing.

Tomorrow isn’t promised. Death is the only certainty. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Each October I send out what I need to the Universe. Each October I get back what I need and more. Last week found me in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Holding true to my tradition, I picked a hotel at random and resisted the impulse to research the city (Disclaimer: I do a bit of research if I plan on indulging in my hobby. See last paragraph). My request to the Universe? I needed healing in the worse way. My recent bout with a viral reaction to sulfites (aren’t food allergies fun?) had left me feeling beaten up. Releasing Pariah during the same month had really taken a toll on my health. Time to get some healing from an area of the country that – through its very nature – promotes Mind, Body and Spiritual balance.

Santa Fe_IndianSaint

I was blessed to visit an extraordinary Healer in Santa Fe. Lavender, Sage and Basil – favorite herbs of mine that grow in my garden – filled the air during my treatment. Balance restored! I got back what I put out there. No matter what spiritual belief system you have, know that someone or something is listening to you. Trust and Faith.

Yes, I did get what I asked for when traveling to Santa Fe. I also got a taste of the unexpected. One of my hobbies as I visit new places is checking out the ghost scene. I try to book in hotels with well known paranormal activity. Ghost hunting in Santa Fe was not on my “To Do List” this time around. The spirits had other ideas. Tune into DTJ next week for special Halloween posts about my paranormal experiences at La Posada and Santa Fe’s most famous ghost.

Next Week on DTJ Blog: The Rose Room


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