The Prankster Nun


Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the United States, so over time it has picked up a few ghosts.  Like other souls chained to a world that has forgotten them, Santa Fe’s ghosts haunt places which held significance when they were among the living. I could understand how a former prison would keep tortured souls within its walls. Historic hotels are logical haunting spots as well. But a chapel gift shop?

Santa Fe_Oct2014 017

Loretto Chapel – When visiting Santa Fe, you have to stop at the beautiful Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi. It is still an active church were services are conducted, babies blessed, etc. A few blocks over is another historic religious structure. Loretto Chapel (a must see) is famous for its beautiful spiral staircase. Known as the Miraculous Staircase, it was said to be built by a mysterious carpenter. He used no nails or screws – an amazing work of engineering. Legends say it was the work of the supernatural.

Santa Fe_Oct2014_MStairs

Maybe the notion I was misbehaving inside the church was a lingering superstition from my youth. I felt the sensation of being disrespectful to a deity that was no longer worshiped there. It was a little too much like being back in Sunday School for me. I left the chapel and made my way into the cramped gift shop. The creepy vibe really ramped up at this point.

What I discovered when I got home: I ordered Santa Fe Ghosts by Susan Blumenthal. The author examines reports of paranormal activity around Santa Fe and has uncovered the background of each historic site.

The author interviewed individuals who were very open and honest about their experiences in Loretto Chapel. One gentleman arrived at work each morning to find several crosses on the floor of the chapel gift shop. They were put there courtesy of one of the nuns who had passed away.

Another staff member shared her experiences with the ghostly Sister George. This prankster nun enjoys playing practical jokes on the staff within the chapel and gift shop. One invisible music fan liked to manipulate the gift shop kiosk containing sample music. Each time the ghost would select the same song, playing it over and over again. It drove the gift shop staff crazy. Could it have been Sister George playing one of her pranks? You’ve got to love a nun with a sense of humor.

And Now For Something Really Scary!

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