Oh Horrors! The Wisdom Court Series


Focus on Horror

I’m starting off the Horror features with Yvonne Montgomery’s The Wisdom Court Series. Enjoy the summaries for books one and two. Then hop over to the newsletter for a write-up on the author.


When forensic artist Andrea Bellamy receives a 1-year, all expenses paid grant form Wisdom Court, she jumps at the chance to pursue her delayed dream to become a painter. The only catch: she must move to Wisdom Court. Upon arrival at the century-old Colorado mansion, Andrea learns that Caldicott Wyntham, Wisdom Court’s founder, has died. The housekeeper, Aura Lee Witherspoon, is demanding a seance to contact Caldicott while the court’s other associates try to explain away “strange happenings.” Andrea turns to her easel, intent on fulfilling her grant, only to discover she keeps painting the same unknown face, contorted in fear she can’t explain. Now Andrea faces a terrifying choice: believe her trance-painting is evidence of a mental illness, or side with Aura Lee and agree that Wisdom Court is haunted by an evil set in motion a century before.

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Grieving the loss of her beloved grandmother, filmmaker Brenna Payne receives a much-coveted invitation to Wisdom Court, the famed institute that helps women explore their deferred dreams. The only catch: Brenna must live at the institute for one year. Making the film of her dreams while garnering a fresh start is exactly what Brenna needs. But when the filmmaker arrives at the century-old Colorado mansion, her daytime hours are spent unraveling supernatural events plaguing the other women while her nights are consumed with terrifying dreams. When Brenna finds a journal written by the Wisdom Court founder, the supernatural maelstrom taking over the house focuses on her. Brenna can run for her life or use the clues around her to discover the source of the ancient evil threatening the women of Wisdom Court.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Horrors! The Wisdom Court Series

  1. Yvonne Montgomery says:

    Much appreciation to you, Cynthia. I cleverly neglected to mention my website/blog when I sent info to you. yvonnemontgomery.com is the WordPress address. The gods only know what else I forgot.

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