Spotlight on Gary Reilly, Humorist


Focus on Humor

The only piece of fiction published during Gary Reilly’s lifetime was a short story in 1978. “The Biography Man” was published by the Iowa Writers Review and later picked up by the Pushcart Prize Anthology (1979).  From that point until his death in 2011, Gary wrote 25 novels. None were published during his lifetime. Read the rest of Gary’s story in the newsletter

Dark Night of the Soul - Cover

In “Dark Night of the Soul,” the sixth novel in The Asphalt Warrior series, the utopian world carefully created by Denver cab driver Brendan Murphy is about to be shattered. In fact, it’s about to be the worst day of his cab driving career. There’s the Land That Forward Motion Forgot. There’s a guy Murph comes to think of as “Mister Twenty.” And there’s an old woman who wants to pay her fare with a saucepan full of pennies.

Murph’s plan to carefully monitor the intake of cash—for fear of earning too much—challenges every math skill he can muster. Messes grow around Murph “the way a pearl grows around a pebble.” Of course “it’s best not to think about what might have happened if you had done this instead of that,” but it’s hard not to wonder went wrong when you’re kissing the asphalt and police have surrounded you with guns drawn.

To wriggle out of his latest spot, Murph must stare long and hard at who he is and what he’s all about. It’s the most eye-popping journey of all time.

Available for Purchase: Amazon

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