Deck the Halls With Sounds of Murder! Dead Wrong


Focus on Mystery and Suspense

Grab a glass of holiday cheer and curl up with this suspenseful tale! Better make it two glasses. This sounds like a nail bitter.

DeadWrongFront 264x408

Newlywed Lynnette Foster’s cop husband is in trouble at work and takes out his frustration on Lynnette by punching her in the face. To Lynnette, the first assault will be the last. In an attempt to get as far away from him as she can, she books a flight from Miami to Los Angeles.

Lynnette doesn’t know it yet, but her husband is the least of her worries.

At the airport, a vicious, foul-mouthed thug known as Fat Ass Sammy Grick carelessly switches Lynnette’s laptop case and his own. Sammy’s case contains something very important to his criminal boss, Benito Ortega. Something Ortega would kill to get back.

To complicate Lynnette’s life, an eleven-year-old runaway girl follows her off the plane during the Denver layover. Then Lynnette makes a horrible discovery. Her husband was murdered a few hours after she walked out. Lynnette needs to contact the police, who consider her a person of interest in the murder. Escaping the killer on her trail and protecting the child must come first.

Will her life ever be normal again?

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4 thoughts on “Deck the Halls With Sounds of Murder! Dead Wrong

  1. Thanks for featuring Dead Wrong on your blog today, Cynthia. Writing a standalone suspense novel instead of sticking to the mystery series was a change in pace for me, but I think I like the suspense/thriller genre a little better.

  2. Diane Cheatwood says:

    Just started this last night. It’s so fast-moving, it’s gonna put a serious crimp in my very long to-do list for today!

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