Music Soothes the Savage Writer


I’ve always loved music. Songs have a way of connecting with our souls, provoking emotions and inspiring our lives. Music is a big part of my writing process. Certain songs capture what I’m trying to put down on the page. They help me focus, to express the emotion I need to communicate to my readers. I become Gideon (Phantom Harvest) as he struggles to rescue a mother who brutally abused him. Or Jin (Pariah) fighting for his life, grasping at any opportunity to prove his innocence against the charge of murder. And then there’s Bill Dolan (Lost Man’s Parish). Convicted murderer trapped in a desolate prison. Oh yeah, the song says it all.

Each of my stories has its own theme song. I’ve linked them to their Youtube videos. Enjoy!

Published Stories:


Works In Progress:

  • The Lords of ValdeonInside by Sting (Seth’s Theme) and Hey Brother by Avicii
  • Book Two in the Gifted Series – Say Something by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera (Preston’s Theme)

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