The Pitfalls of Impatience


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Like most creative folks, I’m always antsy to start my next new endeavor. Those fresh day dreams of strange characters and exotic lands excite me. They’re like a first kiss or eating chocolate éclairs in Paris. Time goes by all too quickly as I work on the relationship. Then here we are again. An old married couple, tired of the same conversations.

I want a divorce.

Yes, childish I know. If the impatient bug hits me, I take some time away from my WIP.  After all, trudging up the mountain path of edits will be worth it one day. I still love my characters and am invested in their lives. I remain loyal until the very end (almost). Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little “Something Something” on the side. Kicking out a draft outline of my Paris chocolate éclair keeps my writer brain fresh. I return to my WIP, renewed (but not repentant).

Final Thoughts – If you can’t shake off the impatient bug, step away from the keyboard. Go outside, give yourself a good slap and understand there is no “next book” if you don’t do the best job you can with the one you’re working on now. Put your reader hat on. If an author half-assed a book, would you give their next book a read? Of course not. Readers have thousands of choices at their finger tips. Don’t give them a reason to throw yours aside. Do your absolute best on everything you write.


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