I Am The Storyteller

I am the Storyteller and I am very old.

I spoke my truths when the mountains were young.

I began telling my tales before there was fire.

I made my way across the land, singing in rhymes and bringing news.

I learned to make pictures upon a page to tell my truth to the masses.

Then I learned how to use technology to send it across the world.

I am the Storyteller. Though the method I use to tell my tales may change, the need for my truths remains.


I am the Storyteller. Sometimes I live in luxury. Other times I am outcast.

At my worst, I chase luxury and fame.

At my best, I expose truth.

At my worst, I can elicit hatred and intolerance.

At my best, I can encourage love and understanding.


I am the Storyteller.

I will always be relevant.

I will always tell my truth, because I must.

It is my purpose and my purpose will always be needed.

By C.R. Richards



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