Earth Eye Candy

I attend the 25th Anniversary of the World Horror Convention and Bram Stoker Weekend in Atlanta, GA. It was an extraordinary experience. My poor brain is full of new information, questions and considerations. I was going to do a post about the many layers of the Horror Genre, but the brain isn’t cooperating right now. Instead, I’m going to share some restful pictures of the Atlanta Botanic Gardens. I had the opportunity to visit before the convention started. Enjoy!

Drive up the tree lined road into a garden of rare beauty. Mr. Frog is waiting, pensively taking stock of the visitors passing by.

Atlanta Botanic Gardens_May2015 002

 Enter into the magical world of raw nature. Explore its hidden treasures.

Atlanta Botanic Gardens_May2015 004


Nature provides. Tea? You’ll have to make it first. 

Atlanta Botanic Gardens_May2015 006


Treasures inside a special Orchid House.

Atlanta Botanic Gardens_May2015 007

Delicate and beautiful, the Orchid thrives.

Atlanta Botanic Gardens_May2015 008

 Art draws us outside again. 

Atlanta Botanic Gardens_May2015 009

Take a walk upon the canopy trail hanging 40 feet above the ground.

Atlanta Botanic Gardens_May2015 013

The Earth Goddess waits for you beside her quiet pond.


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