Start Spreading the News

Start spreading the news.

I’m leaving today.

I wanna be a part of it – New York, New York!

Frank Sinatra does it better. And it’s not really me who’s going to the Big Apple. My dark fantasy (aka urban fantasy), PARIAH, will be on display in print and eBook at this year’s BookExpo America May 27 – May 29th. BookCon Days are May 30th – 31st.


Fantastic! Stupendous! Ummm – what exactly is BookExpo America (BEA)? I didn’t know either until I started exploring new approaches for building readership. BEA is the leading book and author event in North America. It lasts for three event-packed days and features 600+ authors, hundreds of new titles, and the largest show floor in North America.

In the past, BEA was attended mostly by publishers, booksellers, librarians, distributors and the media. BookCon was added in 2014, allowing ten thousand members of the public to explore new titles and meet attending authors. This has really opened things up for Indie Authors like me. Interested in taking a look at these new titles? Check out Combined Book Exhibit’s Catalogue  of participating authors! BTW – PARIAH is #288.


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