Guest Post: Aurora Styles


As if being hunted by assassins, secretly assisting the Gallic rebellion against Rome, and learning about her favorite rebel pirate isn’t enough to keep a princess busy, Freya learns she has magical powers. Magic she cannot control. Oh, and she’s also the daughter of immortals. Mistaken for a supporter of Rome by the man she fantasizes about, Freya is kidnapped by the rakish corsair, Siegfried the Fox. She has dreamed of this moment for years, fantasized of the wicked things the sexy swashbuckler would do to his fair captive. Only he has no idea of her desires, and she wants to keep it that way. No sense in appearing desperate. All Siegfried wanted was to kidnap the princess for ransom, but he’s learning things seem to go awry when the seductive siren is involved. And that includes maintaining control of his darkest hungers. She stirs his need to protect her from those who want to dictate her magic while drawing on his desire to dominate, to punish…to enslave. Can Siegfried keep the klutzy princess safe—even from himself? Can Freya convince the swarthy bandit to accept both her willing submission and her love?

Purchase Information: Siren Slave or Siren Slave (paperback) [p8041] – $18.99 : The Wild Rose Press, Inc. – Wilder Roses


Author bio: Aurora Styles lives in the mountainous regions of Northeastern Pennsylvania. She fills up her free time by laughing with friends, sampling the rich (and greasy) local cuisine, and tasting the variety of craft beers. She keeps up with local current events, and prides herself on being active in her community. In the past, she has been involved with various causes, and wrote a newsletter for a third party.

Siren Slave is her first published novel, but she is already hard at work on the second. Aurora holds a Master’s Degree in creative writing.



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