A Garden Limerick

A Garden Limerick by C.R. Richards (A warped mind, but a peaceful garden)


There once was a Faerie named Laerie

who was looking for his first bachelor abode.

He found one ideal to have his first meal, but

it didn’t have an indoor commode.

A pretty young thing above him did swing.

He was ready to have a new fling.

He whistled and waved.

His time he should save.

Laerie moved a bit closer in order to coax her.

Perhaps she would cave.

He had something to prove.

He gave her his best move.

The lass remained silent.

Nay, even defiant.

Playing the clown, he spun her around.

He was ready to show too much brass.

He nearly fainted. The statue was painted.

Never fall for a girl made of glass.



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