What Type of Summer Reader Are You?

Ah Summer. I love it. Time for barbeques, Fourth of July celebrations, vacation and a break from the snow! Most evenings you’ll find me sitting on my back porch reading one of the many books I have on my Summer Reading List. Goodreads.com is an invaluable tool for veracious readers like me. I’ll admit there are still times I get a few chapters into a book and realize I’ve already read it.

So many books, so little time. In my youth, I used to pick up either a “must read” contemporary book list from my local library or a list of classic books. I usually went for the classics. Even back then I knew I wanted to be a writer. How do you learn to write? You read the masters. I’d stick to my reading list and check off the books I’d read. It was a serious pursuit for me back then. After all, why wait until college (You know. When I got old.) to enjoy such masterful works as Jane Austin, Thomas Hardy, Henry David Thoreau or Robert Lewis Stevenson?

Things are a bit different now for many of us. Books are available 24/7 at our fingertips. We have so many choices (including the classics) of what to read and how to read. So – Which type of Summer Reader are you?

The Type A Lister – This person has a strategic plan. Their Goodreads.com “to read” list is organized in the order they plan to read their books. They stick to the list, taking one book at a time.

The Browsers – These folks scan the shelves at supermarkets and bookstores (brick and mortar as well as digital). They snap up an interesting looking book and take it home to read when the mood strikes.

The “Squirrel!” Chaser (This is me, by the way) – The intention for these readers are pure. They start off with a plan on Goodreads.com, but it’s pretty loose. Book in hand, they find a quiet place to sit and read. Then here comes a message from BookBub. OMG! Books on sale. What? Some of them are free? Clickety. Click. Click. Sold. These folks are a challenge for the Facebook and Amazon algorithms. One month we’re reading Horror. The next we’ve turned our attention to Fantasy or Mystery.

No matter what type of Summer Reader you are, enjoy the books you’ve chosen or are about to choose.

Find me on Goodreads.com. My handle is C.R. Richards


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