Are You Ready to Put Your Work Out There?

You’ve worked hard writing and revising your book (short story, article, fill in the blank). It’s finally ready to share with the world! After all, you’ve done your due diligence preparing:

  • Author Platform – Check!
  • Social Media Presence (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, the newest trend) –  Check! Check!, Check! And Checkity Check!
  • Mental and Emotional Change Preparedness – Che…wait. What?

Have you stopped to consider how publishing your book might impact your real life? I know you have! In a few months you’ll be living the life of Richard Castle. Big money in your accounts. Parties. Celebrity friends. No worries at all. Right? Wrong. Publishing your first book is the most incredible feeling in the world…until the first royalty check comes in (sliding trumpet sound). These low points and uncomfortable social encounters are the things you have to mentally and emotionally prepare for the most.

Business Plans Give You the “Big Picture” Outlook – Low or no sales can crush your spirit. If you have a point of reference to remind you this is just one step in the overall effort, you’ll weep less and sleep better

Lose Your DIVA-tude – As the Roman servant used to whisper into Mark Antony’s ear as he paraded triumphantly into Rome, “You are just a man.” Take off your DIVA glasses and be a person. I won’t quote the number of books published on Amazon each day. It depresses me. My point is you are not alone, so don’t alienate your author friends, book sellers and READERS by being a pain in the butt

Grab Your Security Binky. It Can Get a little Weird Out There –  I love my readers. It tickles me when they ask questions and/or get excited about my next book. Heaven Bless them all!  There are, however, other types of individuals interested in you. Not your work, but what you can do for them. Nobody warned me I would run into these folks at readings or conferences. These are the overly attentive souls who follow me into the bathroom as they pitch their book idea. I call these people “writer groupies.” Most of the time, they have no interest in my books. Rather, they want me to write their million dollar ideas for them while they kick back and wait to see their name on the cover. Weird right? Well. Be Ready. This will undoubtedly happen to you the minute you’re published. Why? Everybody wants to be a writer. Very few want to do the work. Even fewer have the dedication and tenacity to stick with it through hard times.

Enjoy your accomplishment. Eat up the kudos. Your life is about to change. Be ready for the good and the bad.


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