My Kindle Select Experiment Continues

A few months ago, I made the decision to enroll my new epic fantasy – The Lords of Valdeon – in Kindle Select (see my blog post here). I’m like most Indie Authors who hunt for a viable opportunity to feature my book. I couldn’t resist the temptation of Amazon’s promotional tools. Anxious to take advantage of Kindle Countdown Deals, I enrolled my latest release as soon as Amazon gave me the thumbs up. My countdown deal started this week (Feb 15th thru Feb 22nd). Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Set up is simple – Enter the start date and the starting price for your countdown deal. Then decide how many price changes you’d like over the next seven days (maximum promotion runtime). I’ll use mine as an example:

Original price for The Lords of Valdeon ($2.99). Countdown deal starting price ($.99 – lowest price possible). Amazon’s suggests a maximum of 2 price changes for my book. NOTE: Yours will most likely be different depending upon your original price and the lowest discounted price you choose.

VisibilityThe Good news: The countdown is listed on your book’s page. As an added bonus, your book is listed in a special Kindle Countdown Deal searchable section.  The Bad news: Your book is listed with everybody else’s countdown deals. Those with “featured books” come first. How does your book become a “featured book?” Pretty sure it involves $$. The Worse News: Amazon has added links to participating authors and book series. My information wasn’t included in either of these links (I believe these are also featured authors). I had to drill down under Fantasy sub-genres and/or search by publication date under my genre to find my book. Bottom line: Readers aren’t going to see my book unless they’re looking for it.

Final Thoughts for this week –  A bit of HOPE! Despite the odds, I’ve sold a copy at $.99 in under a day. Honestly, I think this was the result of me sharing the link to my book on Twitter. Check back on DTJ next week when I share the end results of the Kindle Countdown Deal Experiment.

Disclaimer: The views presented in this blog come from a Kindle Select novice. Your results could be vastly different than the ones demonstrated on DTJ.


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