Kindle Countdown Deals: Worth It or Take A Pass?

Last week on DTJ, I outlined the initial set up for my new epic fantasy – The Lords of Valdeon – in Amazon’s Kindle Countdown Deals promotion program. The seven day experiment has run its course and I have the end results:

Sales: The Pressing Question

  • Expected Outcome: I sold a very modest amount of books at $.99
  • Unexpected Outcome: I sold as many copies at $1.99 as I did at $.99
  • The Surprising and Exciting Outcome: sales of my other books went up during this period

Lessons Learned and Things I Would Change: Conventional wisdom suggests using Kindle Countdown Deals in conjunction with a special event. A perfect example: Run a countdown deal on book one in a series as you release book two. I would also include my Kindle Countdown Deal in my marketing plan upfront rather than throwing a dart at the calendar (I’m joking. I don’t have darts. I used my lucky cat figurine).

Final Thoughts: Will I enroll future books in Amazon’s Kindle Countdown Deals? If I decide to enroll in Kindle Select again (This experiment ends in April), I  would say yes. It’s free and it does give you a bit more exposure for a week.

An Epiphany Proven: We often hear the sage advice: “To sell more books, write more books.” I think the results of my experiment has proven this to some extent. It’s not the magic bullet we’re all looking for, but it just might be the ultimate reality of our profession.


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