Mobile Is The New Black

The publishing industry is constantly changing on new waves of technology. Mobile has evolved from “the new curiosity” to “the standard necessity.” Ride the fast moving wave or perish beneath its icy fingers.


Is your website mobile-friendly? It needs to be. Some search engines like Google have adopted “Mobile Friendliness” as a ranking signal. In other words, when folks search for my name or books, my mobile-friendly website gets a higher place in the results.  See Google’s AdSense help for optimization tips and tests.

Book Covers and Text

Board a plane and you’ll see a cabin full of readers with their eyes glued to their tablets. As an Indie Author, the sight always gives me a warm fuzzy. A few folks (Obviously with younger and better vision than mine) do their reading on their smart phones. Do they also purchase their ebooks on these tiny little powerhouses? I want to make sure my ebook covers grab a potential reader’s eye whether they shop on a laptop or a tiny mobile device.

What about after they’ve purchased the book? Indie Authors have the opportunity to use all sorts of funky text within the book. Style may be fun, but readability is critical. Make certain your text is easily viewable on a mobile device.


This is my next adventure and I believe, the new “necessity” moving forward.


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