Challenging The Question

I ran across a social media conversation by an author pondering the question we all fantasize about: “Should I quit my day job and write full time?”

I’m not going to blog about the obvious risks or make comments about the realities of economics. What I am going to do is challenge the question.

Who started spreading the demoralizing rumor each of us only gets the one dream? Ms. Jones is a writer. She can’t have any other aspirations. Mr. Dupree is an artist. That’s it. The end. Newsflash: You can’t fit people in a little box and store them on a shelf. We are more than what we do. We are also more than our dreams. Each of us have been gifted with special talents. We’re meant to use every last one of them for the betterment of the world. Yep. The world needs your skills.

I love being a storyteller. Sharing tales to inspire and encourage readers is an amazing experience. There is, however, more to me and my stories. I’m a project manager/ innovator. I use my gift of bringing people and ideas together to achieve a common goal. Storyteller. Innovator. Both are incredibly rewarding. I am 100% invested in both dreams. I’ve been doing both for over five years. My head hasn’t exploded yet.

Right now on this blog post, I’m giving you permission to have and fulfill more than one dream. I think you’ll find (as I have), they actually complement each other. Don’t waste one minute of your day being miserable in a job you hate! Find new and creative ways to use your gift in the job you have or find another career.

And the Let’s Get Silly Quiz Continues:


Xavier, bearer of the Wolf Ring, leads the Sacred Guard as they try to find the Lion Ring and keep Valdeon from civil war.

Here is Week #2’s Quiz Question:

What Mel Brooks movie is this famous scene from?

Exterior: Creepy forest at night. A wolf howls in the distance.

Teri Garr: Werewolf!

Gene Wilder: Werewolf?

Marty Feldman: There wolf.

Gene Wilder: What?

Marty Feldman: There wolf. There castle.

Gene Wilder: Why are you talking that way?

Marty Feldman: I thought you wanted to.

Gene Wilder: No. I don’t want to.

Marty Feldman: Suit yourself. I’m easy.

Reminder: Answer the question in the DTJ Blog Comments Section (not on Twitter or FB). Winners will be provided with a coupon for the book. Downloading from Smashwords is easy. Select which format you want (MOBI for Kindle, pdf, etc.) enter the coupon when you check out and follow the instructions for downloading to your device.


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