BookCons – Should You Participate If You Can’t Attend?

BookExpo America and New Title Showcase seemed like a huge success last week in Chicago. I’m making assumptions based off the Twitter feeds and FB posts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there. My book, however, was on the shelf to greet potential readers.

Why participate when you can’t be there to meet and greet readers? Full disclosure: My books sales didn’t noticeably increase last week, but I did see other benefits.

According to my analytic tools:

  • My website visitors increased last week by +220 percent
  • New visitors increased by +250 percent
  • My average visitor stayed on my site for 2 minutes and 10 seconds for an increase of +2516 percent
  • I also saw a +241.5 percent increase of visitors to my Facebook Page
  • My Twitter followers increased and my posts experienced a nice hike in activity and impressions

A virtual presence can be useful at these events. Don’t shy away from the opportunity to engage with new followers.

The biggest reminder we have from these results? Take the time to product a high quality book. More times than not it has to stand on its own merit. You won’t be there to praise your book baby’s finer points.


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