Are You Preparing Your Foundation?

Sometimes the hardest part of building your dream is preparing the foundation. I’ve lived in my house for ten years. Each day for 3650 days I’ve walked by an empty stretch of dirt along the front fence. My gardener’s heart wants to see every last inch of dirt cultivated and beautiful. This ugly patch of dead was a wild weed in my Eden. It was evident from the discarded bricks and flower tags, the previous owners had attempted to make a garden in this shady spot. Tried and failed.

Late spring of this year, I lost several old growth shrubs. One of them was in this little patch of dirt. I cut it down and found something surprising. There was a working sprinkler head hidden under its dead branches. The shrub had cut off the rest of the little garden’s supply of life giving water. Perhaps this patch could be salvaged and turned into the shady garden I’ve always dreamed of having.

I cleared out the rest of the dead things. Brick, concrete and other bizarre objects went into the trash bin. I added a thick layer of mulch and let the soil rest for a few months. Water and wood began to renew the once neglected garden.

July is here. It’s time to test the soil. The first steps toward my dream garden have been completed. I’ve risked time, money and hope on this project. Wish the little plants luck!

IMG_0185 IMG_0186

How many neglected gardens do we have in our lives? Is there a change you’d like to make, but the space isn’t ready? Do you need to clean out old hurts and negative preconceptions before you can make the soil fertile again? It all starts with exploring the foundation. Find the source of life for your dream. It’s there, waiting for you to find.


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