A Case for Trying New Things

Do you recall the tomato plant video drifting around Facebook a few months ago?  A guy claimed he could grow several plants by covering a slice of tomato with dirt and keeping it watered. I watched the video several times with a healthy dose of curiosity and a bit of trepidation. Tomato growing is serious business.

It’s widely known I’m a tomato addict. Roma, Beef Steak, Early Girl, Cherry, Heirloom – I love them all. My favorite, however, is the Campari. I could eat these by the dozen. Finding the plants in my area has been a challenge. I decided to try tomato guy’s technique. Setting a pot of dirt by the window in my dining room, I sliced up a Campari and covered it with potting soil. Water and early spring sun kept the soil happy. Did it work? See for yourself!


It’s easier to stay with the status quo rather than trying new things. Life is about taking risks. Be brave! The rewards can be tasty.


2 thoughts on “A Case for Trying New Things

  1. Strangely enough, most people I know don’t really like Tomatoes, but I happen to absolutely love them! Never saw the viral video, but the trick makes sense and clearly works! Well done, hope they’re as Tasty as the rest!

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