Does It Ever Get Easier?

Editing. It’s on my short list for “The Most Challenging and/or Annoying Things I Have to Do.” Rewriting the same piece of work over and over again would make the most patient of people want to slam their laptop against a wall. (Deep breath) Why do we do it then? Editing is critical to the quality and success of your work (novel, short story, non-fiction piece, poem, fill in the blank).

New Authors: I can hear you out there. You’re wondering if editing gets any easier. Yes and no.

Let’s take the “Yes” first:

  • The more you write, the more you get to know who you are as a writer.
  • You learn how your brain works and alter your habits to optimize your editing
  • You have more confidence. Hey, you made it through one book. You can make it through another. Right?

Let’s tackle the “No”:

  • Each book is unique with its own set of challenges
  • If your book is part of a series, then you have to make certain the tone stays the same while you increase the quality of your writing
  • Complacency is a constant threat. You have to keep your passion level up. Constantly challenge yourself. Don’t succumb to laziness.

I know it can be difficult staying the course, but your readers can tell when you don’t try your best. They instinctively know a bad editing job (whether you do it or pay someone else). Next time you want to half a** editing that chapter, remember this:

“Your many competitors are editing their fingers off right now.”



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