Authors Get to Do the Coolest Things

Writing a book is hard work is a hellish endeavor not for the faint of heart. It does have a few upsides too. Lifting my brand new book baby out of the box and plastering it all over social media is a euphoria all its own. I’ve never experienced a greater sense of fulfillment or righteous vindication.

My favorite perks, however, are the incredible and unique experiences I’m drawn to via my books. Getting to be part of Denver ComicCon and meeting a few of my literary heroes in the lunchroom. Or more recently, having the opportunity to be part of a local talk show located on the Auraria Campus in Denver.

The Nightly Met  airs each Friday at 7 PM MST. Avery Anderson, the show’s host, invited me to do an interview about my books. Always ready to talk someone’s ear off about my stories, I accepted. We laughed (a lot) and had a great time. Having never been in a television studio before, I had no idea how they went about shooting their program. It’s a pretty surreal experience.

Here is the Link to the program.


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