Witchy Week: The Season of the Witch

Witchy Week continues with my special guest, Guenivere. Thank you for joining us and sharing your creative process. And check out the pendants! Gorgeous.


I love everything about Halloween! The fall leaves, the wind that chills your bones. The earth opens its dwellings to the warmth of little creatures and preparation for the turning of the season. The trees let go of their leaves and hold strong to the wind and cold. I feel the cold ground, at my feet as I look up into the sky, I watch for the winds of change to guide me. I wait for Luna to illuminate my view. The season of the witch is once again upon me. Different from the season before for my focus this year is a creative endeavor.

I like to create, love to dress up and feel the familiarity of a costume. Not only the interactions of trick or treaters, forming in the streets. People gather, they dance, sing, eat food and entertain children. You will always see a witch costume. She is always represented. The old woman, the crone. In history and urban myth from long ago. So many representations, but my focus for now is to learn the groundwork that calls to me personally.

For myself, the idea of the witch can today still tap into the ideas of each one of us, especially of course, as a solitary practitioner. The ways in which we learn how to help, to heal, to work together and most fortunate to learn the mysteries of connection in life and survive earthly ways. Just think if our conscious understood wholeheartedly that we are just like trees interconnected to each other constantly. Like an ocean wave, just Imagine.

Our herstory as womyn, our community involvement “She” has and can be the holder of community secrets. “She” has been seen as many things, the ebb and flow can be expressed in universal connection with some of the oldest of our origins written and existing knowledge.
 Root work, Shaman work, Medicine womyn of the community all the way to Ayurvedic practitioners to Homeopathic or Acupuncturists today.

The witch, can also express aspects of who we are as women in earthly realms.
 How we create, in image2the kitchen, in the garden, in our health, in our world and
relationships. Who was known “to stand tall” in community? To speak, for natural
 law? To farm and work with the environment and her seasonal changes to live, to 
survive with loved ones. These ideas about cycles of life is represented here with the turning of the wheel and eight celebrations of the year.

image3The woman that circles in the background of every herstorical aspect in our earthly time, the moon. She is always with us and constantly influencing. This pendant shows the crescent moon with a fire opal’s star created and dancing alongside her.

More amulets that “came up” in the beginnings of this study were created for the purpose of design and use as a tool. A wand, a first tool in drawing, mixing and calling forth purpose. For myself wands bring such young energy of growing up, imagining the possibilities of the dream. Witches write symbols to protect and charge the representations of beliefs and ideas. What tools were created? What would
 the altar look like, how does it function? It is a big borderless beautiful
 subject in front of me. So I ask and listen, beginning with some items close
 to me. A chalice unearthed from long ago, representation of womyn, water
 the west and ever flowing survivalist. This chalice is broken image4and scarred but 
still holds water. Made as an amulet for traveling altars, my favorite symbol to recreate so far.

Another strong representation of our divine purpose and power was documenting that wisdom. Giving the wisdom life as knowledge through spoken word and birthed itself in cuneiform work. We will need a writing instrument! I loved the challenge of chisel and hammer to create a quill feather, I intentionally set this pendant to the left before I learned the feather actually came from the left wing. Specifically made for the right handed.

For myself, I have found in my spiritual studies they especially like the left. For example, two left hands on deities to show “source”, let’s say. Me as a growing being, writing left handed I had finally felt welcomed. In the spirit of, automatically connecting to “source” as soon as the pen is put to paper, this pendants setting was chosen to constantly dance to write, moving in the air. So inspiring for me!

image5Constant learning to express myself through silversmithing. When I work, I feel and understand the energy, easier sometimes than the trickyness of alchemy in metal. The use and metaphysical properties of the stone. Finding the energy and study of the idea I want to express, is pure creation for me. Sometimes I simply create homes for stones. Other times the energy comes forth and teaches me, shows me definition of symbolism strengthening my intuition to listen, design. I learn my craft, spirit and matter work together and sometimes I can create a dream into reality. I want to express symbols that stand the test of time and I hope you may recognize today. I hope I have inspired you with my journey.

You can view more of my work online at https://squareup.com/store/queniveresjewelry

Many blessings to you and your witchy path.
 Like rising tide to the moon, merry meet and merry meet again!



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