Are You Drowning in All the Noise?

The world is full of loud obnoxious noise makers. World news. Work clamor. Family Dramas. The noise washes over you in a hurricane of chaos. You’re drowning in the stagnant waters, unable to think or create your art. Time to unplug! That’s right. Stay off of Facebook, Twitter or whatever else gives you virtual ulcers for a weekend. I think you’ll find you didn’t miss anything earth shattering.

Atlanta Botanic Gardens_May2015 002

Mr. Frog has the right idea!

Here are my top favorite ways to unplug:

  • Day Spa – Go get a massage. Your entire being will thank you!
  • Go on a long walk – Turn off the dang phone. It’s a big noise maker
  • Read a book for fun – Make sure it’s someone else’s book. Don’t try to be sneaky and do your editing while you’re supposed to be relaxing.
  • Movie Marathon – The Star Trek Trilogy? Aliens? Any Marvel franchise? All good.
  • Yoga and meditation – You can do the jumpy yoga in ungodly heat, but I prefer slow and solitary. People are the biggest noise makers for me.
  • Cooking – I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite stress relievers. It’s a great creative outlet and very tasty.

What about you? Any other ideas on fun “unplugging” activities? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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