Are You Struggling with the Effects of Overwhelming Negativity?

Hostile negativity is everywhere. You turn on the news to check your local weather only to be bombarded by stories of embattled governments or acts of unsettling violence. Browse your favorite social media platform and there it is again. Negative comments. Trolls. Neighbors turning against neighbors.

Hope Can Come from Unlikely Sources

BE SILLY! IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL!                            © alexei_tm – Stock.Adobe.Com

Do you remember a certain animated movie about monsters working in a factory collecting screams from children? A happy accident helps them discover gathering laughter fuels their energy containers much faster than the old methods of scaring. Positivity, laughter and love are more powerful than fear, hate and anger.


Arm Yourself with Affirmations

A tsunami of negativity seems to have flooded our world lately, but you don’t have to drown in its murky waters. Here are some affirmations to help you stay positive and empowered:

“I have the power to turn off my TV or social media platform.”

“It is my choice whether to be positive or negative today.”

“I choose my own reality.”

Do you notice a reoccurring theme to the affirmations? Choice. We are in control of our own lives and destinies. Choose health and wellbeing.

Be Positive. Be Happy. Be Well.

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