The Buffy V.S. Buffy Controversy

Buffy VS Buffy – Which One Do You Prefer? © Subbotina Anna –

When I say, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” which do you think of first, the original 1992 movie or the popular TV series? If you’re not familiar with either, you may wonder if there’s a difference. I did some binge-watching research for this post and can tell you they strike very different tones.

Set in the suburbs of California, the story follows the legend of the Slayer. Teen girls throughout the centuries are chosen to fight the evil Lothos, Vampire Lord. Buffy, a modern high school cheerleader, is the latest Slayer to be born with the amazing abilities needed to fight vampires. She is snarky, talented, and has a keen fashion sense. Buffy and her mentor, known as the Watcher, stalk vampires and keep the world safe.

Vampires, Pompoms and Luke Perry

Buffy is the creation of Joss Whedon. He wanted his snarky, vampire killing, cheerleader to be an intense badass. The studio executives decided to give the movie a lighter tone with plenty of comedy. Whedon left the project after becoming dissatisfied with the film. I understand his frustration as a creator, but as a fan, I still loved the movie. Buffy is a badass, but she remains likable.

What I like about the movie – It’s a fun romp through the graveyard. Buffy’s interaction with Merrick is a hoot. She has some great one-liners. Her emotional change, however, is what makes the movie stand out. The teen slayer grew into a character I came to identify with and like. She shook off her mean-spirited selfish ways and started caring about others. This is the real charm of the movie.

You cannot beat the cast. Kristy Swanson nails it as Buffy (See what I did there? Wooden stake. Vampires. Ahem). Donald Sutherland brought a quiet charm to his role as the Watcher. Rutger Hauer always makes an excellent bad guy. Paul Reubens steals the show. Luke Perry, teen idol back then, did very well in his first big-screen performance. Keep an eye out for young Hilary Swank and a few surprise sightings of famous actors before they became well known.

What I Didn’t Like About the Movie– As if! Seriously. I loved the movie.

High School, Hellmouth and Hunky Angels (Aka Buffy Loses Her Sense of Humor)

According to some hardcore fan YouTube video sites, Joss Whedon finally was able to bring out the version of Buffy he’d first envisioned. She and her world would be darker and much more serious. Buffy fans rejoiced. Soon the TV show gathered a cult following.

This Buffy takes up where the movie left off. Sort of. Buffy and her Mom (who inexplicably has turned from a ditzy, self-absorbed trophy wife to a serious working single mom) move to Sunnydale to begin their new life. Buffy promises her Mom she won’t get into trouble as she did in her last school. A new Watcher, Giles, works in the library of her high school. He wants to start up her training again. Buffy refuses, but circumstances quickly force her back into the Slayer life.

What I like about the series– David Boreanaz as Angel. Yep. He was the only aspect of the show I remembered. Hey. I was a fan of the Dark Angel TV Series. Charisma Carpenter’s character, Cordelia, also shines in both Buffy and Dark Angel.

What I didn’t like about the series– Buffy. She completely lost her sense of humor, which is one of the things I loved about Buffy the movie. TV Series Buffy comes off as snarky and flat. If you put Kristy Swanson and Sarah Michelle Gellar side by side as they do those fight scenes, then it is easy to see which actress is better suited to the role. Kudos Kristy Swanson. You kicked some serious butt.

Final Thoughts

I watched the movie and season one of the TV Series before writing this post. The film still makes me laugh. I wasn’t a fan of Buffy the TV series back in the day, and watching it now hasn’t changed my mind. I suppose things could have developed in later seasons, but I just am not invested enough to find out. Maybe if I hadn’t seen the movie, then who knows?

Which one is YOUR Buffy? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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57 thoughts on “The Buffy V.S. Buffy Controversy

  1. I remember watching tv Buffy for fun but can’t say I was a cult follower. I’m not even sure I’ve seen the movie (which may be why I didn’t balk at the tv characters). This post was a fun walk down memory lane — thanks!

  2. Jenny Ham says:

    I love to see all the kids having fun and so excited about their treats. I also love to buy the candy early and eat it all only to scramble at the last minute to buy more.

  3. Tiffany Losey says:

    My favorite thing about Halloween is taking the kids trick or treating and halloween movies! Thanks for the chance

  4. Judy says:

    Halloween is a full blown holiday at my house! I decorate, make special treats, have a craft day and scare up a spooky dinner. We have lots of family and friends stopping by so that’s my favorite part of Halloween.

  5. kelly woods says:

    I love going to Fall Festivals with family and love seeing me grandbaby dressed up. Its priceless memories. 🙂 Thank you for sharing the difference between the two. How interesting!

  6. Tami Faurote says:

    My favorite thing is the excitement when the kids put their costumes on, plus my excitement when I get to help eat the goodies!

  7. Jennifer Eagan says:

    My favorite thing about Halloween is making Halloween crafts with my kids and watching Halloween movies with them. Our favorite Halloween movie ia Hocus Pocus and we watch it multiple times each year. My kids are still trying to talk me into getting a black cat…lol.

  8. Dana Matthews says:

    My favorite thing about Halloween is passing out candy on Halloween night and seeing all the costumes kids have chosen to wear,

  9. Michelle Hill says:

    I love making memories with the kids and Moms can feel like a kid at heart. My daughter is practicing Special effects makeup for school and on us so this will be fun to have my daughter do my makeup

  10. Jennifer Eagan says:

    I’m with you, Kristy Swanson will always be my favorite Buffy. I agree that the series lacks the sense of humor the movie had. Don’t get me wrong, I like the action and overall story plot but the humor in Kristy Swanson’s Buffy role is a very important trait missing from the series and pales in comparison to the movie that I love.

  11. Evonne Brooks says:

    SMG will always be my Buffy.I saw the film first and loved it also.The thing is not to compare Buffy’s.I absolutely love the TV show and still binge watch it now.Actually because of this I am currently watching it from the start of season 1 again even though I have seen them all countless times.

  12. I haven’t seen the movie but I love the TV show. I’m a fan of Joss Whedon’s dorky humor in general and the actors do a great job. I’ve seen every episode plus Angel.

    My favorite part about Halloween is all the decorations. My father work in a cemetery when I was growing up so we went all out decorating.

  13. Irene Lirette says:

    I love handing out candy to the kids, seeing all the different costumes then sitting around a 🔥 with family and friends.

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