The Divine Bliss of Simplicity

Simple. Peaceful. © dampoint –

“It’s complicated” is more than a Facebook status. Complexity is a way of life for many of us. We expend too much energy fostering complicated relationships that may not be good for us. Our brains are constantly overwhelmed by social media, texts, emails and those annoying notifications for every APP ever made. We allow ourselves to be tangled by negative issues.

Is all the angst and irritation necessary? Try a simple approach instead. Simplicity reduces stress and elevates our joy.  Make Your Life Simpler:

keep it simple © Song_about_summer –

Set a Social Media Free Time each day: Log off and walk away. Take time for simple pleasures by avoiding the constant bombardment of information

Ignore the imaginary fists pounding on your virtual door. Go to a quiet space you set aside for your peaceful times. No computers. No cell phones. No noise from the daily grind

Be Positive. Be Happy. Be Well.

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