Have You Experienced the Unexplained? – Guest Post by Dunham Raynor

Paranormal Activity – An event or power that scientific laws cannot explain. Thought to involve unknown forces…

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A sudden chill along your spine as you stand atop a darkened staircase. Distant footsteps in the next room when you’re sure no one else is home. The eerie feeling someone is standing just out of your line of sight. Are these sensations products of imagination? Or is something unexplained waiting in the darkness? As a psychic hounded by the Dead, I can attest many supernatural phenomena are real. Others, however, can be credited to bouts of fantasy. I have the benefit of visual proof given to me by the Ouroboros.

If your inclinations tempt you to indulge in Halloween festivities this year, my dear reader, then be wary of the shadows. Heed my advice and search for the signs.

Signs of Paranormal Activity

  • Floating Ghost Lights or Orbs – Many a nighttime traveler glimpses ghost lights floating in the distance. They could be residual energy from a soul chained to our Earthly Realm. Or it may be a devilish will-o’-the-wisp trying to lead you astray. Trust your own lantern, Friend.
  • Shadow People – Have you ever fancied you’ve seen a human-shaped shadow just at the edge of your vision? Experts debate whether these Shadow People act as guides or have bad intentions for those who see them. I do my level best to ignore them.
  • Sudden Temperature Drops – Openings in the Veil between the afterlife and our Earthly plane cause a plummet in temperature. Life is warm. Death is eternal cold for those who don’t pass on.
  • Unexplained Feelings of Dread – Some souls are sensitive to the supernatural. Trust your instincts. They may just keep you from evil.
  • Disembodied Sounds – Hauntings usually occur when a ghost has a strong attachment to a place. You may hear footsteps or laughter from stranded souls trying to cling to their former lives.
  • Items Moving of Their Own Accord – Poltergeists are vexing. They rarely listen to reason and insist on clinging to a place or person that no longer wants them. Do not engage, as they can be extremely dangerous.

A warning, my friends: the list of signs I’ve provided is not comprehensive. We are in the season of monsters and mayhem. The safest place is in your bed, under the covers. Then again, if you are a kindred spirit and seek out the bizarre, Halloween is the perfect time to explore the fantastical. If you dare!

Dunham Raynor’s adventures can be found in his documented exploits, THE VENGEFUL DEAD.

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