Dark Fantasy: The Best Parts of Two Great Genres

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Dark Fantasy is my creative playground. I love reading it almost as much as I love writing it. This special genre takes the magic of Fantasy and mixes it with the terrifying themes of Horror. Still not clear on the difference between the three? Here is my oversimplified cheat list:

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Fantasy – Epic adventure involving magic and some sort of quest

Horror – Story themes designed to tap into your darkest fears and scare the hell out of you

Dark Fantasy – An Epic adventure with magic and a quest that unearths your darkest fears

Urban Fantasy – An adventure involving magic and some sort of quest, but takes place on the mean streets of a modern-day city

Curious about Dark Fantasy? Goodreads.com offers a list of awesome books in the genre. Perfect for the season!

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A Look Back A Look Forward

It’s October 1st and I have to wonder where September went!  It was an exciting month on the writing front.

A Look Back


Colorado Gold – The month started in one of the best ways I could imagine. I joined several of my fellow authors at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference in Westminster, Colorado. Attending gave me the opportunity to get great advice from some well-established authors in my genre. In turn, I hosted a table for new members and was able to spend time helping them to hone their pitches to agents. I was thrilled to see such a large turnout for the Friday Night Book Signing. We took over a huge area in the hotel! There are more of us each year. So good to see!

New Book Baby – Pariah, my newest fantasy novel, was released on Sept 15th. It was an intense experience getting the book ready to go for eBook and Print Copies. I was publishing to Amazon KDP and Createspace for the first time. My 102 fever definitely added a level of challenge I didn’t need. I think my years as a techie helped get me through the process. OR the software is just that user-friendly.


Dream Come True – During the past week, I had one of my life long dreams realized! I had some exciting news from the wonderful representative of the Arapahoe  (my home county) Library District in Colorado. My books are being added to Arapahoe Library’s Colorado Author Collection! I’m not sure yet if they will be available in eBooks only or if they will carry print copies as well. Trust me. If I see a print copy on the shelf, I’ll be taking pictures!

A Look Forward

Pariah Book Tour – October is going to be an exciting month too. My virtual book review tour begins on Oct 15th. It will run each Wednesday for four weeks. Don’t forget to follow the tour for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!