Boundaries are Good. Limitations are Bad.

I’ve been a corporate mentor/ coach for over a decade. While every person and situation can be different, they have common themes. One of the highest reoccurring issues is the feeling of being overwhelmed.

A new project manager is afraid to delegate and tries to do everything herself.

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The job asks an employee to travel for the third week in a row. Despite being exhausted and getting grief from his family, he says “yes.”

Sometimes this horrible feeling of being overwhelmed lands my mentees in what I call a “five-week rest in breakdown town.”

The folks I coach are smart and talented individuals. They understand you can’t keep pushing your body and mind to the point of breaking. Such behavior has consequences. They come to me for advice and I remind them about Healthy Boundaries.

What Are Healthy Boundaries?

  • Imagine a force field around your body – You control what gets in (negative remarks, job demands, needy people)
  • Keep your force field strong – Find that “One Thing” that matters most to you. Use your passion to feed the boundary
  • Remember: IT’S OKAY TO SAY NO! Don’t want to go to a contentious family holiday? Don’t go! Work wants you to travel, but you’ll miss your kid’s birthday? Say you aren’t available that day!

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What’s the Deal with Limitations?

We talked about Boundary walls being useful. Limitations are also walls, but rather than keeping unhealthy things out…they keep you and your potential in a little box.

  • Face those barbed impenetrable walls. Take a hard look at how and why you are limiting yourself
  • Be absolutely honest. Is your wall made up of fear or bad memories? Failure can hurt, but it shouldn’t keep you from trying again
  • Make a list of positive and encouraging goals you could achieve if you get past your self-imposed limitation
  • Take the Hammer of Courage and smash that wall down!

Final Thoughts: You must take care of YOU! Corporations and selfish people will try to drain every ounce of energy from you if given the chance. Build up your boundaries to stay healthy. Knock down your limitations to stay passionate.