Takeaways from the 2018 Winter Olympics

I’m one of those exuberant Olympics fans who puts everything on hold when the wonderful days of electric competition arrive. Winter or Summer. Doesn’t matter. I have my favorite sports in both seasons. The Olympics are more than competition. They remind us that everyone has the chance to be something great if we Dream Big Enough and Work Hard.

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What I took away this year:

  • Failure is not only an option, it is an absolute necessity in order to galvanize the commitment to your goals
  • Age is just a number. Older athletes ignored the “you can’t compete anymore if you’re over this arbitrary age” rule
  • Keep trying no matter how many times you fall down. The reward is worth it!

Things that made me scratch my head:

  • Why is Curling a thing?
  • Why have we allowed our current snarky and negative world views into the Olympics. They are out of place in this positive and life affirming environment
  • Why can’t we have more commentators like Scott Hamilton? The man has gone through cancer and other scary health issues, yet he remains one of the most positive and encouraging people on the planet. Yes – more of Scott Hamilton please.

I’m going to try to hold onto the Olympic Spirit for as long as I can. Limiting my evening social media and phone usage has helped me remain focused on enjoying the games. I’ve gotten back into the habit of listening to positive music rather than negative programming during the day. These are small changes, but they work for me. What about you? How will you keep the Olympic Spirit alive in your heart?