7 Signs You May Have a Book Crush


Ah, L’amour! Isn’t it grand? You have a special Valentine to curl up with on those cold February evenings. Secretly, you may have more than one. Don’t worry. I’m not judging. One book crush is never enough.

Teddy bear in reading glasses sitting on the stack of old booksNot sure you have a book crush? Here are a few tell-tale signs:

  1. You pour a glass of wine and turn on soft jazz before opening the cover.
  2. If the book is written in multiple points of view, you skip ahead to read your book crush’s chapters first.
  3. You dislike your book crush’s love interest and hope the author sends them packing in the next act.
  4. You wish the author would be a little more liberal with physical descriptions.
  5. Your bookshelf or Kindle contains every word ever written about your crush.
  6. Given enough wine, you imagine joining your crush in the storyline. Naturally, they’ll leave the hot spy in the high heels (or the hot spy in the sharp suit) for you.
  7. Should the heartless author kill off your book crush, you mourn for weeks. Well, until a replacement crush rises out of the pages of a new book series.

Anymore signs I missed? Share them in the comments section.

(Images used with licensed permission from Adobe Stock)

Are you Prepared for the Spooky Season?

Frost encases the pumpkin in its brittle embrace. Creatures of the night draw closer to your home, crunching dead leaves and dying grass beneath their feet. Horrified, you realize the front door is unlocked. Too Late! You stagger away from the window as they press their drooling maws against the pane. Oh wait. Those are the neighbor kids. You’ve bought another mega bag of chocolate bars, right?

In a scary mood yet? I know. It’s only October 1st. You’ve got plenty of time to prepare for All Hallows Eve. BUT the Spooky Season is more than just one night of trick or treating and a costume party. Sinister specters of malevolence hunting the not quite so innocent. Haunting stories of the restless dead (or undead). The season can be so much more if you allow yourself to succumb to the darker side of literature (bwahaha).

I’m a round faced, happy little lady who enjoys gardening and making gluten free muffins. Most folks can’t believe it when I tell them I write Horror (I write Fantasy too, but it’s pretty dark). I love to feel the sensation of being on the edge of your seat, not knowing what’s coming next. Pitting a flawed person against unbeatable evil and giving them hope enough to see their journey through. Feeling the overwhelming sadness of a haunted soul who is trapped within the structure of a world they no longer belong in. Horror teaches us about those hidden places within our own hearts. Sometimes you look and can accept what you see. Other times, you must turn away.

Take advantage of the season and pick up a story that gives you a glimpse into the darkness. I have a few classics to suggest: The Shining by Steven King or The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

For more ideas visit the experts: Horror Writers Association (HWA).