Hanging With Holmes


Subtitle for this blog: Why The Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS) is my favorite museum on the planet.

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes has come to Denver, Colorado and DMNS threw a heck of a party. After the kiddies left and the doors closed to the public, they transformed the museum into Victorian London. Music, dancing and generously stocked bars set a Holmesian atmosphere. Residents of Victorian Baker Street, dressed in beautiful costumes and staying true to character, helped transform party goers to the world of mystery.

“It’s A Party, My Dear Watson” drew fans of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson like bangers to mash hmm no spots to d…to the event. Most were sporting their finest Victorian togs. I decided to go Cumberbatch. (If you got what I meant and laughed, Heaven bless you! You are a true fan.)

IMG_0102 [Subbing for Benedict Cumberbatch who was off being brilliant someplace else. ;)]


[Dr. Watson newly returned from his trip to Oxford.]

The real fun begins on the third floor of the museum in the Sherlock Holmes exhibit where we were issued a challenge by Professor Moriarty. Solving murder mysteries is a blast, but solving them with Sherlock Holmes is a surrealistic challenge. If this exhibit comes to your area, put on your deerstalker and grab the pipe. Go test your skills of deduction and follow the clues left for you by Sherlock himself.

The Game is Afoot!