My Top Three Favorite Messed-up Love Stories

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Valentine’s Day honors LOVE with chocolates, flowers, and romance. Most of us celebrate in some way, whether it’s dinner with our honey, chocolate hearts for the kiddoes, or fluffy toys for the fur babies. Romance month is big business. Consumers have countless venues for indulging their sentimental side in February.

What about those of us who avoid the typical easy path to a happy ending? Hallmark movies just won’t do for us! We want tragedy, sweet suffering, and – dare I say – an unhappy ending sometimes. Here are my top three favorite tragic love stories with their film companions. Note: The book is always better than the movie!  

My Top Three Messed-up Love Stories

Cyrano de Bergerac by Emond Rostand

Brave soldier and romantic poet Cyrano has fallen in love with his beautiful cousin, Roxanne. Cyrano, a confident soldier with a keen wit, fears his large nose will stand in the way of his love for her. He remains too shy to express his feelings. Then the worst happens. Roxanne and Cyrano’s friend, the handsome Christian, fall in love with each other. Cyrano, standing aside for friendship, uses his own words to woo Roxanne on Christian’s behalf.

This story is a must-watch/read for anyone who has stepped aside for friendship’s sake.

Upcoming Film Cyrano starring Peter Dinklage (Releases February 25, 2022)

Death On the Nile by Agatha Christie

The original “Fatal Attraction” story. Boy meets girl. Boy dumps girl for her beautiful rich friend. Girl stalks boy and his new wife like a crazy person. Somebody ends up murdered. What I like best about this story is Hercule Poirot’s compassion for the crazy stalker. Having lost his own love when young, he tries to help her let go.

This story is a must-watch/read for Agatha Christie fans. I can’t wait to see Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot again.

Upcoming Film Death On the Nile starring Kenneth Branagh and Gal Gadot (Releases February 2022)

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Following Jane Eyre through her life struggles could cover so many topics. People see her as plain and ordinary, including her abusive aunt. She goes through sickness, poverty, and heartbreak. Yeah. You guessed it. The story is a real tearjerker. We finally think Jane finds her place at last when she goes to work for Edward Rochester. They fall in love, but Edward has a secret that destroys their happiness.

Classic version: Jane Eyre starring Orson Welles (Released 1943) * I realize there are newer film versions but watching Orson Welles as Edward Rochester is epic!

Try something different this Valentine’s Day. Go for the messed-up book or movie. But, don’t forget the chocolate and tissues.