Love Notes


Love Notes to Me – © Amimy

Valentine Love Notes to Me:

Dear Me,

I love and respect who you are right now.

Love Me

Dear Me,

I am patient with your progress. Everything happens in its own time.

Love Me

Dear Me,

You are enough. I have faith in you.

Love Me

What would You say to Yourself in a Valentine?


Five Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

© Michele Paccione –

March gives us the opportunity to celebrate those amazing women who had a historical influence on our lives. Their courage and fortitude in the face of discrimination paved the way for the opportunities we enjoy now.

Scientists. Pilots. Astronauts. World Leaders. Each frontier has been explored by brave women who want to achieve their full potential and better the world.

Five Ways to Celebrate Amazing Women

Support Other Women – Our paths are full of challenges. These obstacles become more bearable with help from a support system. By encouraging other women on their journey, our way becomes a bit easier.

Celebrate Women’s Accomplishments – When one of us wins, we all win. Each dream realized. Each summit conquered. Each race won brings us closer to the aspiration of a gender-balanced world.

Learn About History-making Women – Take the time to learn about great women who’ve impacted our history. Find out more at Women’s History

Mentor Other Women and Youths – If you’re an accomplished woman, then chances are another accomplished woman mentored you. Someone is watching and hoping to become like you one day. It’s your turn to mentor. Teach. Empower. Encourage.

Be the Strong Woman You Are – Women have more opportunities today than we’ve ever had. We still face challenges. Don’t let them stop you. Be the woman you want to be.

Be Positive. Be Happy. Be Well.

Happy International Women’s Day

© motionsense –

“Better the balance, better the world.”

It’s International Women’s Day. This year’s theme – Better the balance, better the world – hopes to inspire a gender-balanced world. Visit the International Women’s Day website for more information.

Make today a special day to celebrate women’s accomplishments – especially yours or those of the other awesome women in your life!

Be Positive. Be Happy. Be Well.